Shelby Cobra Sound

No Radio? No Problem! This car audio lover brought in his beauty needing some sound for his newly purchased Shelby Cobra. The vehicle didn’t come with any kind of radio or speaker locations so we needed to improvise. Space was very limited and we didn’t want to cut up his Carbon Fiber Dash so we ran an Aux input by TruConnex model TC2-RCA35-6 into a Kenwood XR400-4 located in the trunk to power the Two Marine JL Audio MX650-CCX-SG-TB 6.5 speakers. Holes were cut behind the seats to house the 6.5 Speakers. We bridged the front and rear channels to power each 6.5 for Amazing output and Midbass! The car audio lover plans to return at a later date to add a single sub in the trunk! Install was done at Quality Auto Sound 11870 N. Washington St. Northglenn, CO 80233. Call us at 303-255-1869 to see what we can do for you.