Ford Falcon Radio

This nice 1963 Ford Falcon needed a new radio for the road. The owner wanted to install a stereo but not in the factory location. He also wanted to add some 6×9’s and amp them up as well. To top it off wanted a Viper Alarm to protect his investment. He had the stereo installed in the glove compartment, which is totally reversible and well hidden. The stereo is a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X599 that comes with enhanced Bluetooth, high voltage preouts, and also has the capability to add satellite radio. For the speakers he went with the Kenwood Excelon KFC-X693’S and amped it up with the Kicker 41DXA1252 2 channel amp. To protect the car, he picked out the Viper Alarm with a two way pager, the 3305V which could page him to let him know someone was messing with the car. He had this Ford Falcon radio and Viper alarm¬†installed at Audio Express.